OrderNet - Online Order Entry, Inventory Management and Publishing 

OrderNet is a single system, multi-tenant application allowing companies to have an online internet presence without having to invest a large expense to develop, maintain and host a site of their own. For those companies that already have their own web sites, OrderNet is an easily implemented extension of their site and their product offering.  OrderNet provides the ability to fulfill distribution requests of static or non-custom products as well as fully customizable, personalized materials.  As a function of providing this capability OrderNet contains many Inventory Management and Control features as well.  Through the use of automated electronic notifications, key personnel are kept up to date of changes in their inventory.  Being a profile based system, OrderNet maintains information on each person who registers that is specific to the company that they are affiliated with.  This information is referenced when creating personalized materials so that it does not need to be entered every time they place an order.  With this approach in mind, Techstream has been able to implement automated billing processes with large corporations to reduce the amount of work required to reconcile monthly billings. 

- Profile Based
- Photo Archive/ Digital Signatures
- Individual or Team profiles
- Inventory management and control
- Customized or Personalized printed materials
- Maintain Brand or Regulatory standards
- Produce high resolution print ready PDF files that can be sent directly for output
- Multiple distribution channels for finshed products - PDF, e-mail, HTML
- Focused on 1:1 marketing
- Single System / Multi-Tenant
- Multi-level Reporting
- e-Commerce
- Client Maintained Promotional Page
- Integrated Shipping module
Inventory Management and Control

OrderNet contains an Inventory Management and Control module which provides reporting on inventory movement, consumption, and trends in real time.  Any inventoried product can be managed by OrderNet by maintaining reorder points, critical reorder points, reorder levels, maximum/minimum order levels, order minimums and increments.  Every product with OrderNet has an inventory contact as well as an information contact.  The inventory contact is responsible for maintaining inventory levels and replenishing stock.  They will receive all the electronic notifications for the system as different inventory levels are reached.  The information contact is the individual responsible for the product from the ownership perspective.  If a user has questions regarding a specific product, this individual is the person they will be directed to contact.  OrderNet provides a number of inventory reports by default along with the ability to have any report created provided the data capture has been put into place.

Maintain Brand Standards

OrderNet has two approaches to custom and personalized materials.  The first approach utilizes predefined templates with specific areas that have been allocated for personalization.  Within this area of personalization, choices are made available based on the requirements of the piece and the specifics with respect to maintaining brand and regulatory standards.  Personal data can be referenced from the users profile, can be based on master tables or can be taken from the order form at order time from user inputs.  Images as well as text can be selected from libraries to give users more flexibility.  This approach to personalization offers flexibility while maintaining elements that must adhere to specific standards.


Our second approach to personalized materials brings into play the "customized" aspect as well as the personalized functionality.  By "customized" we are referring to the ability to modify the actual layout and graphical elements of a marketing piece, for example, as well as being able to add the personalization of an individual to create a finished product that is both professional and identifiable.  To accomplish this we have developed a custom editor which can provide any degree of flexibility that a company may require.  If a company wishes to give their user community a large degree of control but still maintain brand and regulatory standards, this tool will enable them to do so.  The editor provides allows a company to implement any degree of functionality they wish to provide.  Any size template from business cards to posters can be accommodated within the editor.

Editor Features:
- pre-formatted or free form templates
- image upload
- multi-page
- standard desktop publishing tools
- lock/unlock properties of objects
- Maintain Brand or Regulatory standards
- Produce high resolution print ready files in different formats
- Puts full editing capability in the users hands
- High resolution PDF output in CMYK Format
OrderNet utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to maintain it's high level of security.  Coupled with our strict internal policies, our clients can rest assured that their data is safe.  OrderNet undergoes quarterly security audits and is Trustwave certified.  Techstream Solutions Corporation has also been certified as a secure data vendor for some of the charter banks of Canada.
As technology changes, so must the software of today.  Since it's inception in 1999, OrderNet has evolved from a simple web based ordering system into a full featured application providing much more than simple order entry.  OrderNet is evolving on a continual basis with new features being added on a weekly basis.  As a result of the architecture of OrderNet, all users regardless of which company they may belong to, benefit from the enhancements that may be created for one specific company if they are system specific.  Proprietary modifications that are developed specifically for a particular company are only offered to the user community of that company, not the general population of OrderNet.  In this way, a unique approach to a product can be kept within that company even though they are in a multi-tenanted system
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