Scorpio Time Management
This touch screen based punch clock system simplifies employee time management...
Dry Cleaners!!
The affordable dry cleaning solution...
Modularized systems
Applications can be further customized to meet your requirements
Customized training sessions
Cost effective
Techstream was started in October of 1991 as a consulting company with a focus in the Pharmaceutical industry. The platforms supported were IBM System 36/38 and AS/400 midrange computers as well as integration with networking. With changing technologies the focus at Techstream has also evolved to now be aimed at Web based systems on networked platforms. Custom applications geared towards many industries have now become our mainstream. No longer is Techstream focused on just the pharmaceutical industry but rather on any industry that can use our products and services. We have some core competencies with specific industries such as Print and Financial as a result of the clients we deal with, which is reflected in the applications we have created.
Print and Print Production Management

The Virtual Production System was developed to provide a means of streamlining print production and procurement in large organizations.
Online Order Entry and Publishing
The online order entry system specializing in customized print.  This system offers many features from inventory management to complex online editing capabilities. 
Techstream Solutions Corporation can help get you online fast!  In today's world an Internet presence is a must.  We can help companies look professional while keeping costs inline with your budget.  Come talk to us, we're ready to listen!
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