Virtual Production System
VPS is a print management system that provides tracking, procurement, purchase order creation, workback scheduling, time management and reporting. VPS contains many more features for internal commucation and Digital Asset Management as well as cost analysis.
OrderNet is an online distribution and publishing system that focuses on putting publishing tools in the hands of the users.  Any person with minimal skills can create professional looking materials while maintaining Brand or Corporate standards.
Digital Asset Management
Our Digital Asset Management system allows you to centrally locate all your digital image assets for enterprise-wide use.  eStorIT keeps track of all your licensing so that you stay in compliancy with image manufacturers.  All image usage is tracked so that you always know where any image has been used and in what types of applications.
Scorpio Time Management System
Scorpio is a touch screen punch clock for use in production facilities or anywhere a punch clock is currently being used.  Scorpio eliminates the need for swipe cards or paper punch cards as it utilizes a software application in a kiosk type setup.  Users are assigned a PIN number so there is no issue of swipe cards being left behind and no issue when a paper punch card is not in the card slots.  Scorpio provides payroll consolidation....   2004
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